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Aluminum Truck Pack or Fibreglass Truck Cap?

Aluminum truck pack or fibreglass truck cap? Which one should you choose for your truck?

Should you choose a truck pack or truck cap for your pickup truck storage? This is a question that most industry professionals will ask when looking for a pickup truck storage solution for their tools or equipment, and it’s a decision you should not make lightly. There are some great options available, some better than others, including aluminum truck packs and fibreglass truck caps. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll explore them in this blog post to help you feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your truck and application.

There are eight main factors that should be taken into account when you’re looking for high quality pickup truck storage:

  1. Durability: Will my chosen solution stand up to the requirements of real every day work?
  2. Weight: Will my chosen solution add a significant amount of extra weight that will affect my trucks overall payload?
  3. Security: How secure will my stored equipment be inside of the solution I’ve chosen?
  4. Organization: Will my chosen solution allow me to organize my equipment in a way that will help me work faster and more efficiently?
  5. Weather Resistance: Will my stored equipment stay dry and safe from the elements?
  6. Maintenance: How much maintenance is going to be required to the solution I choose?
  7. Aesthetics: How good will a truck cap or truck pack look on my truck?
  8. Price: How much does each one cost?

Let’s dive into each one in more detail, and compare truck caps to truck packs.


One of the key advantages of aluminum truck packs is their superior durability over their fibreglass alternative. Aluminum is a strong, lightweight, resilient material that can better withstand the rough handling and impacts from everyday working conditions. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, and fading, making it a durable option for long-term use. On the other hand, fibreglass truck caps are made from a composite material that can crack or chip with relatively low impact and may show signs of wear and tear more quickly over time, especially in extreme weather conditions.


While fibreglass truck caps do tend to be lighter than aluminum truck packs, the comparison really isn’t that simple. A truck cap is just that – a cap. A truck cap’s material only covers the top of the truck bed. A truck pack like the X-ONE Drop-In Pack is a full one-piece enclosure. We’ll use a modern 1500 series short box pickup for our example. A truck cap for this pickup weighs in at around 160lbs. Even with the X-ONE’s .125″ thick aluminum and fully-enclosed design, an X-ONE Pack for the same pickup is only 370lbs.

The lightweight nature of fibreglass also means that it is not as strong and cannot handle loads the way that aluminum can. Pound-for-pound, aluminum is stronger and will last longer. They can handle heavier loads and provide better protection for your equipment and belongings.


Another advantage of aluminum truck packs is the enhanced security that it provides. Aluminum material alone makes the pack more secure. For example, a would-be-thief cannot just punch a hole in a door like they could with fibreglass. Both truck packs and caps come with their own type of locking handles, but we’ve found the handles and hardware in most truck caps on the market do not sufficiently secure equipment stored inside. A truck pack like the X-ONE uses oversize stainless steel hardware that is significantly stronger and keeps stored equipment more secure.


When it comes organization options, truck caps and truck packs are pretty even depending on the type of each that you purchase. A basic truck cap will essentially just cover your truck bed, but a good commercial truck cap will offer very similar organizational options and accessories to those of a truck pack. You will not have trouble finding options for both that include: shelves, drawers, bed slides, lights, ladder racks and more – just to name a few.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is another area where truck caps and packs score similarly. Both are excellent options to keep your equipment dry and secure. Truck caps have been around for a very long time and the water-tight seals have been nearly perfected by their top manufacturers. The weather resistance of a truck pack is very comparable to these. In our example, we combine a high-quality automotive-grade bulb seal with our rain gutter design on all of our packs to keep the weather out.

In short, both options will do an excellent job of keeping your equipment dry.

EDIT: Maintenance

Aluminum truck packs are easier to maintain than fiberglass truck caps. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, rust, and fading, and it requires minimal maintenance. You can easily clean aluminum truck packs with soap and water, and they will last for many years without needing repairs or replacement. Fiberglass truck caps, on the other hand, require more maintenance, as they can crack, chip, or fade over time, which can be costly to repair or replace.

EDIT: Aesthetics

Aesthetics can be subjective, but many people prefer the rugged and utilitarian look of aluminum truck packs. Aluminum truck packs have a silver or black finish that can complement the overall appearance of a pickup truck. Fiberglass truck caps have a sleek and streamlined appearance with a smooth finish that can provide a more polished and integrated look to the truck. However, aesthetics are a minor consideration compared to the other advantages of aluminum truck packs.

EDIT: Conclusion

In conclusion, aluminum truck packs are the superior choice compared to fiberglass truck caps. They offer superior durability, strength, security, versatility, and maintenance, making them the best option for anyone looking for a reliable and long-lasting storage solution for their pickup truck. While fiberglass truck caps may be lightweight and offer a sleek appearance, they do not provide the same level of protection and security as aluminum truck packs. Consider investing in an aluminum truck pack for your pickup truck and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your gear and equipment are secure and well-protected.

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