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Manitoba, Canada

Just wanted to start off by saying that I’m extremely pleased with the overall build quality and look of the X-one. Me any my business partner were both super impressed by the heavy-duty build quality. It will long outlast anything else that we’ve seen out there for truck caps.

We have two other ½ Ton trucks with 4ARE caps. However, I couldn’t come to terms with putting such a cheap flimsy product on my brand new Diesel F350 Lariat Tremor Black Appearance. That just wouldn’t have been right. I was searching for quite a while and debating what kind of cap I was going to get for my truck. I just so happened to come across your product one day on my Instagram feed and almost instantly knew that is what I was going to order.

Manitoba Hydro and some of the other utilities and contractors are using Spacekaps which are similar in price but pale in comparison to your product.

I’ve already had numerous compliments on the cap, and it’s only been on there a few days. It’s a gorgeous service truck and the X-one completes the look. We will probably be getting another super duty in a year or two and will be ordering another X one no doubt.

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