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Ontario, Canada


The pack looks way better in person and the pictures don’t even come close to doing it justice.




I will send photos when I finish upfitting it. Thank you. Love the box btw.

Ottawa Fire Department

Ohio, USA

Fire Chief & Command

We purchased our X one five door pack just over a year ago. We have set this unit it up to be used in any different situations hence why the different compartments come into play with the cross box and slide out options. We really like the option of the rear flip up door so that it doesn’t restrict our access to the full-size rear pull out tray from the side. I have to say from the planning to design process the group at IconicX was knowledgeable and made sure every detail of this custom unit was spot on. The service after the sale has been excellent as well with additional wiring diagrams and configurations when requested. We look forward to using them for future projects at the Fire Department.




The pack arrived in good shape, I have no complaints, as you can see it looks great on the truck!  I do feel the price point is a bit high for the product, but also understand the cost of quality.




I got my pack today and it’s exactly what I wanted. Install went great as well.

Pepperell Fire

Massachusetts, USA

Fire Chief & Command

I have been meaning to sit down and write this sooner but better late than never.  We are extremely please with our Iconic-X Drop in cap. It has been worth the wait. If you remember I am the Chief of a small combination department  and I respond to all types of calls.  Your cap quality and functionality are outstanding.  I have attached a couple of pictures of our finished truck for you.

You should also know that there are several departments and agencies in this area that are looking at our truck and your cap.



Gilford Police Department

“Very happy with the quality of the product. It checked all of our boxes and does exactly what we need it to do. We also added 3 rifle mounts to the interior wall of the main compartment that locks.”

Reiselt’s Machine Works

Ohio, USA


When I drove this truck through multiple campgrounds in the Rocky Mountains the Rangers mentioned that they weren’t accustomed to campers bringing their own bear boxes lol. We were in heavy Grizzly country. The boxes kept a lot of expensive gear dry and secure even when I power-washed the truck.

California Fish & Wildlife

California, USA

Law Enforcement

I just received photos from (One Stop Truck). Their customer (California Fish & Wildlife) is so happy with the packs. He is hopeful more will follow in the near future. 

A-TEAM Electrical



“the box from you guys is a beast… Very pleased with the construction of the Iconic X box. Thanks for building a great product.”

City of Lynden Public Works

Washington, USA


We have received our new truck box and it has exceeded our expectations.  Thank you for working with us to get this.

Robinson Fire

Texas, USA

Fire Chief & Command

We are pleased with our box.


Multiple locations, USA


Spartan is a leading provider of turn – key construction, maintenance, integrity and labor support services in the industrial, mining, upstream, midstream, downstream and renewable energy sectors. We had received a request from one of our clients located in West Texas, to find them a storage and security box system to be used for their electricians. We needed something that both had secure boxes, that could be locked but we also needed something that maximized storage and space of the bed. Your company provided both of those options for us. We had looked at other options, but nothing provided the amount of storage and security that Iconic-X offered. We also needed something that could be easily installed and transferred onto trucks, as we cycled out old trucks for new trucks. Having the setup be all one piece will make this much easier on our guys. We also believe that with the purchase of these boxes, we can optimize productivity and safety.

Hartford Fire Co.

New York, USA

Fire Chief & Command

“We love the pack! The setup has turned out amazing. The guys love it and the departments around us have been full of questions about it. We are very pleased.”

Joel H


We just took delivery of one. Very well built unit. My only wish is if they could paint to match body color, currently they only powder-coat white, gray and black I believe.


Virgin Islands, USA


I ordered an X-ONE from you guys last year and I am LOVING it. My only regret with the whole thing is that I did not get a bed slide installed in the rear compartment. I have seen several that you guys did with a bed slide installed and they look fantastic! I think that one of my employees has finally convinced me that it would be best for me to look into getting one since I already invested so heavily in the X-ONE itself. Once I have it all setup I plan to send you guys a bunch of pics of the completed install and the truck itself. Might just give you some ideas for new accessories to offer :).

These caps are bad to the bone.. end of story. If you want something that is going to last forever this is the only way to go.

John K


Great company to work with. Got mine April 2023.

Stanton County Emergency Management

Public Safety

We have been very happy with the entire process from order to reciveing to the installation. Iconic sales staff is very helpful and ensures you are getting what you need before you place the order! Thanks Iconic X!


Quebec, Canada


The driver does like it. I have included a few pics from this morning for you, you really have a solid product here!


Massachusetts, USA

Law Enforcement

We are very impressed with it! Great storage capacity and it fit perfectly. Thank you to you and your team for creating this box for our truck.

We are using the pack to transport tools for housing repair.

We did not have anything prior to ordering your pack. Your packs came highly recommended to us from a coworker who has one on his work truck. Initially we had to move our tools from inside a shop to the empty truck bed and hope that it didn’t rain. This pack makes it so we can keep our tools ready with our truck at all times. Having several storage compartments has allowed us to assign each compartment to a different aspect of our work. Also the ability to lock up our tools at night will help as we travel a lot and will be keeping the truck in hotel parking lots often.

The build quality is everything that I had hoped for, and install was relatively easy.

Wes R


I couldn’t be happier with my pack. Only hate I didn’t buy it 20 years ago.


California, USA


I’m overwhelmed with how satisfied I am at the workmanship and attention to detail! I took on a lot of faith having never seen a complete pack in person however I could see after months of research and endless shopping that Iconic was going to exceed what I imagined. You guys and girls did not disappoint and you won’t believe the amount of compliments and interest I get everyday. There’s nothing else like this that I’ve seen anywhere up and down the coast of California. No doubt you’re definitely the most expensive on the market and I knew making the investment with your company would by far give a 5’5” truck bed the capability way beyond its limits! 

Just wanted to share with you my satisfaction. Thank you for making this last 90+ days worth it anxiously waiting on what impacts and changes my life for the better on a daily basis!

Matthew A

Hahnville, LA

Hahnville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

So far, we are really happy with the choice to select this box. This thing is built like a tank.


Minnesota, USA


Extremely happy with my purchase. I meant to email you back last week. I received the box December 8. Installed it as soon as it came in. It fit perfectly. Looks like it is built very well. Thank you again for being so prompt on replying to my emails. I have included pics of it installed. If the pics don’t come thru let me know and I will resend them.


California, USA

Fire Chief & Command

We’ve had the box on the truck for a while and have absolutely loved it. Now, it is full of equipment and we have finished labeling the truck as well. We’ve taken it on a few jobs and it’s the perfect light rescue unit for us. We get tons of questions wherever we take it because people seem to love the box! Thanks again for such a high quality product.

Montezuma Sound

Kansas, USA

Sound System Design & Installation

I’ve been using mine for six months and I love it. I don’t worry about my tools or gear being damaged by the weather or stolen. It’s a good addition to my truck!

Rescue Refrigeration

Manitoba, Canada


Just wanted to start off by saying that I’m extremely pleased with the overall build quality and look of the X-one. Me any my business partner were both super impressed by the heavy-duty build quality. It will long outlast anything else that we’ve seen out there for truck caps.

We have two other ½ Ton trucks with 4ARE caps. However, I couldn’t come to terms with putting such a cheap flimsy product on my brand new Diesel F350 Lariat Tremor Black Appearance. That just wouldn’t have been right. I was searching for quite a while and debating what kind of cap I was going to get for my truck. I just so happened to come across your product one day on my Instagram feed and almost instantly knew that is what I was going to order.

Manitoba Hydro and some of the other utilities and contractors are using Spacekaps which are similar in price but pale in comparison to your product.

I’ve already had numerous compliments on the cap, and it’s only been on there a few days. It’s a gorgeous service truck and the X-one completes the look. We will probably be getting another super duty in a year or two and will be ordering another X one no doubt.

Senterre Entrepreneur Electricien



I really appreciate the X-ONE box. It’s very sturdy construction and conception.


Michigan, USA


I love the box. We shopped around and realized nothing compared and now that I have one I could never go another route. Every place I take this truck I end up with all these tradesmen asking me questions and what not. I’m hoping by the end of this year we will be putting another truck together and be ordering another insert.

City of Walker Fire Department

Michigan, USA

Fire Chief & Command

We received ours this past Monday. Currently installing lights for our fire department. I am very impressed with the unit! I am hoping to get one for my shop truck next year!


Quebec, Canada


Received mine 3 weeks ago… I love it! Very very sturdy all aluminum box.


Florida, USA


Just wanted to express my appreciation. Got the box Thursday last week 10/21. Got it installed last weekend. I love it and it is great! The quality and workmanship far exceed my already high expectations. Love the product and it was well worth the wait! Thank you! Please pass along my appreciation to those in design/development and manufacturing. I have added some additional lights inside and out. I still have some organizing to do, but the pics are from the afternoon of install prior to additional lighting install.

Dennis E


I love my pack and it’s the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I’ve finally got it packed full of my photography and camping gear, and I don’t have to worry about any of it.

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