CASE STUDY: Robinson Fire’s X-ONE Truck Pack

Nov 23, 2022


Robinson Fire Chief’s X-ONE Truck Pack



Long service life & secure mounting.


Pull-out bed for custom cargo unit.


Custom roof sleeve and crossbox passthrough.


Custom pull-out trays in front cross box.


Fast access to stored items.


Retain tailgate for additional security.

TRUCK: 2022 Ford F250




Fire Fighting Truck Cap

CHALLENGE: Pack must have a long service life, and provide a solid surface to mount lights and apparatus.

SOLUTION: Our one-piece, 1/8″ aluminum construction

No challenge here. Every X-ONE Truck Pack comes standard with our one-piece all-aluminum construction. The material we use is 1/8-inch (.125″) or thicker marine-grade aluminum, which is more than adequate for mounting lights and apparatus on. Add to that the stainless steel door handles and hardware we use, and you’ve got the toughest truck pack on the market that is built to last through multiple truck cycles.

CHALLENGE: Need a solution to access items in stored in the truck bed more easily.

SOLUTION: Pull-out bed accessory to accomodate a custom cargo unit.

The guys at Robinson Fire needed a way to be able to quickly and easily access items they had stored in the main compartment of their pack. They had plans to include a custom cargo unit from a local upfitter of theirs, so we supplied a pull-out bed that would fit the cargo unit. Now, they have a really smart system that is incredibly well organized and makes store items easy to find – which is incredibly important for a fire crew.

CHALLENGE: Need to store long items above the pull-out bed and cargo unit.

SOLUTION: Custom roof sleeve and cross box passthrough.

Fire crews often have to carry long items, and the Robinson Fire crew is no different. Even with the long box on their F-250, they needed more length than a standard X-ONE Pack with front cross box could provide. This longer equipment needed to be seperate from the cargo unit.

To help, we built them a custom roof sleeve with a divider in the centre for organization and to define storage spaces. We also added a cutout passthrough in the cross box wall so that they could store their longer items easily.

CHALLENGE: Access stored items in cross box from either side of the truck.

SOLUTION: Custom pull-out trays.

The team wanted to be able to access items stored in their front cross box from either side of the truck. Our standard pull-out tray option wouldn’t work for their application, so we modified it to make it work for them.

We removed the back side of each tray so they can access apparatus that they have stored in ther cross box from whatever side of the truck they happen to be on at the time.

CHALLENGE: Need access to stored items as quickly and efficiently as possible.

SOLUTION: Included a combination of flexible and dedicated storage compartments.

Two of the most important concerns were: 1. Storing all of their equipment, and; 2. Being able to access it all quickly. We included a mixture of dedicated and flexible storage locations. Flexible options, like adjustable shelves, for less critial items, and dedicated spaces for critical ones. We recommended our 6-door model so that the team can access stored items via as few doors as possible, making accessing items just a little bit faster – time that might be of extreme importance on-scene.

CHALLENGE: Keep tailgate for security.

SOLUTION: Our “standard” length configuration.

The X-ONE is already one of the most secure truck packs on the market, but some extra security never hurts. This is especially true when you’re storing expensive life-saving equipment.

Keeping the tailgate on their truck allowed the crew at Robinson Fire to add an extra level of security to their pack via it’s existing locking system.

Robinson Fire’s X-ONE Photos:


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