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One Piece, Drop-in Truck Pack
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X-ONE Truck Pack

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100% Aluminum, One-Piece, Drop-in Truck Pack


One piece, 100% aluminum construction.


Built to fit most full-size pickups.


Short, regular & long box designs in 4, 6 & 8 door configurations.


Options include: pull-out bed, ladder racks, interior LED lighting & more...


Weather-resistant, with gas shocks and stainless hardware.


Flexible, multi-use storage compartments.


Keep your tailgate on your truck.


Angled aerodynamic profile design to help save fuel & preserve side mirror vision.


Simple Installation: Slide it in and bolt it down.

More X-ONE Truck Pack Info:

The X-ONE Drop-In Aluminum Commercial Truck Cap is a premium, one-piece pickup truck bed enclosure designed with flexibility and durability as standard.

It’s a shop that fits in the back of your truck. It’s perfect for tradesmen who have tools to transport to off-site locations. This isn’t your average commercial truck cap, either. It’s made of the same strong, lightweight 1/8-inch aluminum as our semi-truck accessories. It’s tough, it’s never going to rust, and it’s 100% renewable.

Pack Sizes & Truck Fitment:

Fits Most Modern, Full-Size Pickups:

All X-ONE truck packs are adjusted to fit: Chevrolet, Dodge (RAM), Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, Toyota

4-Door X-ONE Packs

High Roof Rails X-Pro ONE Accessories

Short Box, Regular Box & Long Box

PART #: 3052, 3053, 3059

6-Door X-ONE Packs

6-Door X-Pro ONE

Short Box, Regular Box & Long Box

PART #: 3042, 3039, 3040

8-Door X-ONE Packs

8-Door X-Pro ONE

Regular Box & Long Box

PART #: 3060, 3061

Minor changes are made to each pack to fit each truck manufacturer, model, and year. Contact us to confirm your make or model.


Pull Out Beds

Pull Out Bedslide in X-ONE Truck Cap

Cargo Ease pull out beds. Available in multiple configurations.

Interior Lighting Package

Interior LED Lighting in X-ONE Truck Cap

Red/White LED Bars (1 in each toolbox & 1 in main compartment).

PART #: 3058

Low-Profile Roof Rails (Standard)

Low Profile Roof Rails on X-ONE Truck Cap

4" High low profile roof rails. Two included standard on each X-ONE.

PART #: 3064

Extended Ladder Rack

X-ONE Truck Cap Extended Ladder Rack

8.5" High Extended Ladder Rack. Extends 3' over the truck cab.

PART #: 3056

High Roof Rails

High Roof Rails on an X-ONE Truck Cap

8" High Front & Back Posts w/ bars (Total: 2 bars).

PART #: 3055

Pull Out Trays

Pull our drawer in X-ONE Truck Cap

Pull out tray accessories for front cross box or side boxes.

Black Whale Tail Handles

Black Whale Tail Handle X-Pro ONE Accessory

Matte black whale tail handles option.

PART #: 3057


Anti-Skid Black

X-Pro Anti-Skid Black Finish

Anti-skid black powdercoat finish. Resembles Line-X bed liner.

Gunmetal Grey

X-Pro Gunmetal Grey Finish

Gunmetal Grey powdercoat finish.

Ski White

X-Pro Ski White Finish

Ski White powdercoat finish.


Download All Truck Pack Drawings

6-Door X-Pro ONE

Download all X-ONE truck pack drawings.

Download All Accessory Drawings

X-Pro ONE Accessory Drawings

Download all X-ONE accessory drawings.

Download Catalogue Pages

X-ONE Catalogue Page Download

Download X-ONE catalogue pages.


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