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Case Study


Key Points

  • Storage Capabilities
  • Strength and Security
  • Bed Slide with 1,000lb weight capacity
  • Extended ladder rack for carrying ladders & long items
  • Tailored Fit
  • Roof and Rear Hatch options


  • TRUCK: 2018 Toyota Tundra 4X4
  • TRUCK BED SIZE: 6.5′
  • CONFIGURATION: Roof and Rear Hatch
Pack must have flexible storage capabilities.

Multiple Cabinets with Adjustable Shelving

Nick from Royal City Controls and Electrical needed a truck storage solution that offered flexible space and storage capabilities with organizational options for his tools and equipment. With the Iconic X-HIGH's four cabinets, Nick was able to easily store and organize all of the tools and equipment he requires on-site. In addition, the adjustable shelving units, which come standard in all X-HIGH Truck Packs, allowed Nick to have customizable storage space for any given job or project. For even more space, Nick opted for the roof and rear hatch options for his X High, which turns his 6.5ft Tundra bed into a covered and secured storage unit for his work truck.

Units and locks must be strong and durable to ensure proper security.

Maximum security, stainless steel hardware and locking mechanism

Like most tradesmen, Nick has expensive tools and equipment he needs to store in his truck. Because of this, ensuring that his new pack would securely lock his tools away from thieves when not in use was critical. The solution was simple. All of our Iconic X products are built from the highest quality aluminum, include hardware that is up to the needs of real world working conditions. Our door handles, locks, and hardware are designed and selected with the same intent in mind. With sturdy whale tale handles and individually locking unit doors, Nick's products can be safely stored inside his pack at all times.

Equipment needs to be easily accessible and for maximum efficiency.

Interior Bed Slide

A truck pack without a bed slide leaves you with hard to reach, back-of-the-truck-items that are hard access and require crawling into the bed of your truck to get things out. Nick didn't want to do this. By including a 1,000lbs capacity bed slide with his X-HIGH, were able to help him fix this problem. The bed slide is installed to allow the user to simply pull the items from the front of the bed outward. This provides easier access and less strain on the user's body. Strong locking mechanisms ensure the bed slide is secured in position when not in use, but allows for a seamless extension of the truck bed when needed.

Pack needs to be able to hold longer items without causing roof damage

Extended ladder rack accessory

As an electrician, Nick often brings one or more ladders to each job site. With items of this length, it was important to Nick that his truck pack is capable of securely transporting said items without scratching or damaging the truck's roof. Many other truck storage solutions Nick looked into didn't come with their own ladder rack options, and the ones that did typically were too short for transporting the larger sized ladders. For this reason, Nick opted to get the extended ladder rack accessory option on his Iconic X-HIGH. With our high-quality aluminum material and work-ready design, these racks are more than capable of securing ladders to your roof for long drives and harsh conditions. The additional three-foot extension over the truck cab keeps ladders and long items secure, significantly lowering the chances of damage to the roof of your truck, and helping to ensure a safer solution for transporting ladders.

Proper fit and sizing for truck bed

Custom Tailored Fit

Obviously, Nick needed to be sure that the product he got would properly fit to his truck bed. Similar products come as one-size-fits-all solutions that can waste valuable storage space in your truck bed. At Iconic, we tailor every truck pack that we build to match the dimensions of the truck it's ordered for. This allows the customers to be certain that they are receiving a tailored fit specific to their truck, with almost no wasted space. This reduces the need for adjustments or after market changes from the user.

Valuable equipment being exposed to the elements

Roof and Rear hatch option

It was important to Nick that his new truck storage system was able to keep the rain, snow and gunk out of the bed of his truck. He transports expensive tools and equipment on a regular basis, much of which is sensitive to rain or water damage. To help with this concern, our product experts recommended that Nick opt for the roof and rear hatch option on his X-HIGH Truck Pack. The roof option combined with the rear hatch creates a nice enclosed compartment that allows you to keep your tools dry, but also locked up and safe when not in use.

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