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Case Study


Key Points

  • Strength & longevity; long service life.
  • Pull-out bed for easy item access.
  • Interior LED lighting.
  • Extended ladder rack for carrying ladders & long items.
  • Flexible storage compartments.
  • Retain tailgate for additional security & backup camera.


  • TRUCK: 2020 Ford F150
  • TRUCK BED SIZE: 6.5′
Pack must have a long service life

Our one-piece, 1/8″ aluminum construction

Brent Brooks of High Rise Firefighting has had multiple truck caps before his X-ONE, and experienced significant issues with how long they were lasting. Previous caps would leak, the locks would break, or they just couldn’t take the weight of the cargo he needed to carry on a regular basis. The standard 1/8-inch-thick aluminum we use on our packs and our fully enclosed design were the answers. Our pack offers increased strength and durability over the materials used on other packs. Our packs also include standard features such as 1/4″ pin hinges and stainless steel hardware and door handles to increase the service life of every pack.

Need easy access to stored items in main compartment.

Pull-out bed accessory.

Brent travels far distances teaching high rise firefighting, and there’s a lot of gear he needs to transport from location to location. The weight of this gear adds up quickly, and having to reach deep into the back of the truck pack to store and access heavy items just wasn’t going to work. It would be a pain, and was also a safety risk. To help, we dropped in one of our 1,200lbs capacity pull-out bed accessories to allow him to store and access his equipment more easily.

Need to quickly and easily be able to find items at any time of day.

Interior LED lighting.

Brent’s courses take place at various times of day, so he needs to be prepared for night and daytime conditions. Efficiency is important, and equipment needs to be easily found and accessed. We added interior LED lighting on to Brent’s truck pack to make sure he can always see his stored equipment at any time of day. The lights can be changed from red to white. White is great for the daytime, and red is a good choice at night because it’s easier on your eyes. Brent took this one step further and had an upfitter make his lights easily controlled using a remote

Need to securely transport long items.

Extended ladder rack accessory.

Previous truck packs that Brent owned had short ladder racks. He would have ladders, or other long items stored on these racks, and the loads would sometimes tip and hit the roof of his truck. Not only was this causing damage to the truck’s roof, it’s also just unsafe. Brent opted for our extended ladder rack accessory that gives him an extra 3 feet of extension over the roof of the truck. This allows him to secure stored cargo more securely, and eliminates the tipping he was experiencing on his other caps.

Organized storage is a must.

Front cross box, adjustable shelves, and multiple compartments.

The ability to be organized was a primary concern for Brent when he was looking for a new truck pack. He needs to stay organized to be able to teach his lessons, and often sends students to grab equipment for him. It’s helpful to be organized and able to direct them exactly where to go to find what he needs. To help, we hooked Brent up with our 6-door model, which includes two doors on each side and two barn doors at the back. The front door opens to a full-width cross box with an adjustable shelf, and the back side doors open to side compartments with more adjustable shelves. The rear barn doors open for access to the main compartment where he can store larger items.

Keep tailgate for security and backup camera.

Our “standard” length configuration.

Brent added that he wanted to keep the tailgate on his truck. This would achieve a few things: Allow him to keep his backup camera. Provide an additional level of security via his locking tailgate. Prevent him from having to store his tailgate somwhere. The “standard” length configuration on the X-ONE was the perfect choice for him. His tailgate is still on his truck functions normally, along with his backup camera and locking tailgate.

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